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Our Designers place you at the center of the creative process. We would love to get to know you and the endless potential of your home so we can help make the inviting space a reality.

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Design, followed by Bassett’s Form & Function. Our core values allow us to innovate & push foward.

Unique perspective

These days, most furniture is designed to sell, not to last. For more than 100 years we’ve been perfecting the art of crafting furniture full of American ingenuity. Our dedication to comfortable, long lasting furniture remains without compromise.

We work differently.

We’re happy when you’re happy

When you want style that sets you apart, find a brand that stands apart from the crowd. We’re more than “a furniture company.”

America is a vibrant mix of people, cultures and experiences from around the world, and so are we. There is no single Bassett style. We take inspiration from everything around us, making your experience with us special because it allows you the freedom to discover your own personal style matched with our quality products.
Our commitment to quality means the years of experience that went into building your furniture will make that furniture last for years to come. With items in our Bench*Made collection, using 100% Appalachian Maple — or our endless HGTV Custom options, we take pride in providing a large selection of artisanal U.S. Made products along with a curated selection of high quality imports that live up to Bassett’s high standards.
Aside from making sure our showrooms are warm and welcoming to our guests, the environment outside of our stores is equally as important to us. Bassett has taken many initiatives to reduce the use of fossil fuel oil in our facilities, thanks to our use of recycled sawdust and wood scrap and other renewable resources. And for every Bench*Made product produced, we plant two trees in the Appalachian forests from which the original lumber came from.

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